5 things every home studio MUST have

May 22, 2019



Whether you're an experience engineer/producer or just starting out, here are a few things every home studio MUST have. 


The most important piece of a studio is a passionate and understanding audio technician. You could have someone who knows the process like the back of their hand with a ton of experience, if that person is not passionate or understanding, you could end up unsatisfied with your final project and feeling like you wasted a bunch of money. 

The best instrumentals in the world can't hide a bad mix and neither can a "big name". 


1) DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

There are MANY different DAWs out there and they all do different things. Spending a bunch of money on the "best" one out there doesn't mean you will instantly be able to have the best mixes. Some can be overkill and it's important that you are able to learn the ropes of whatever DAW you choose and stay committed. There are many tutorials on how to use every DAW so use these resources!


2) An interface

This will help you create that perfect mix as you will be able to hear all the sounds with a high audio processing rate. This is also a necessity for using studio monitors as well. Most high end microphones will require an XLR connection for high quality recording.


3) An up to date computer

This is very important because without it, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), an interface, and smooth and consistent workflow is not a possibility. 16gb of RAM is ideal and will be able to handle all processes of recording. 


4) A high quality microphone

I personally prefer cardioid microphones as these are be the most forgiving in with less than soundproof recording settings. Completely soundproofing a studio can be very expensive, a way to bypass that is by investing in a microphone that is able to cancel out excess noise and allow for accurate  and clear recording with low gain levels. 


5) Headphones 

There are two types of headphones you will find in any studio; closed back and open back headphones. Open back headphones are used for mixing, and closed back headphones are used for recording. A high quality set of closed back headphones will reduce bleeding and will allow for cleaner mixes. Open back headphones will allow the technician to fine tune the base mix and create the best final product possible.


Do you fell I missed something? 

Please leave any questions or comments you have and help me improve!




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